Application in Production, Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

Freeze Dryer | Bulk – Version
Your entrance into the production of freeze dried food
  • Round and rectangular drying chambers up to 5 m³
  • Two- chamber systems with separation valve
  • Hinged and sliding doors
  • Flexible size of shelves and distances up to 90m²
  • Materials made of stainless steel 316TI, 316L
  • Compressor and / or N2-liquid cooling up to -150°C
  • Condenser for ice up to 800kg/24h, condenser for solvents
  • Steam sterilization SIP
  • Remove of sample in lock
  • Visualization of process
  • Sealing system for vials
  • Trays for product
  • Explosion- proof version
  • GMP conform version, pharmaceutical sector
  • Documentation / Qualification

Automatic Loading System

Production Freeze Dryer | Pharmaceutical Industry