Laboratory vertical autoclave

with a chamber volume of 80 to 150 litres

Laboratory vertical autoclave - autoclaving by zirbus technology
The laboratory vertical autoclaves, in word LVSA, distinguish them self particularly through their low charging height and easy operation.

Laboratory Autoclaves - Autoclaving in a vertikal version

Designed taking the most important aspects of sterilization in the laboratory into consideration:

  • Simple, through touchscreen control and low loading heights from 740mm.
  • Safe, through a pressure container with automatic cover seal, manufactured from high-strength and polished 1.4571/ AiSi316Ti stainless steel throughout. Configured for a sterilization temperature of max. 143°C.
  • Sterility, through combined pressure and temperature control, inspected by an independent and certified test laboratory.
  • Efficient, through efficient insulation and a steam generator independent of the sterilization chamber, resulting in short heating up and cooling down phases.
  • Reliable, through the use of high quality components and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standard requirements and the German Medical Devices Act (MPG).
  • Flexible and individual through its modular construction. The autoclave can be individually matched to your tasks and upgraded at any time. Also after delivery of the device.

The result is the LVSA series autoclaves, suitable for the most diverse sterilization tasks in the laboratory.

Model LVSA 40/60 LVSA 40/75 LVSA 50/60 LVSA 50/70
Effective space (mm)

(Ø)400 x (H)620

(Ø)400 x (H)770

(Ø)500x (H)680

(Ø)500x (H)780

Chamber capacity (Liter)





Load height (mm)


890 740 890
External dimensions (mm) (w) 550 x (D) 800 (W) 750 x (D) 900
Heating power (kW) 6 9
Electricity supply 380 – 400V, 50/60 Hz, 16 A

laboratory autoclave steilizer vertical

Loading Capacity

with optional baskets


LVSA 40/60 LVSA 40/75 LVSA 50/60 LVSA 50/70
500ml 2×13 3×13 2×22 3×22
1000ml 2×9 3×9 2×16 3×16
Erlenmeyer flask LVSA 40/60 LVSA 40/75 LVSA 50/60 LVSA 50/70
500ml 2×8 3×8 2×14 3×14
1000ml 2×5 3×5 2×8 3×8

The following options are available for fine-tuning the autoclaves exactly to your tasks:

  • Steam generator integrated in the autoclave housing with automatic DI water filling, for short cycle times and low operating workload.
  • Rapid water recooling by means of a large-scale double jacket. Together with the supporting pressure regulation, this ensures the shortest re-cooling times of liquid media via a sterile air filter.
  • Connection to an in-house ring-cooling system for water conservation, heat exchange takes place via a plate heat exchanger.
  • Magnet stirrer with one stirring position for an even temperature distribution and shorter cycle times.
  • A recirculation fan with wear-free magnetic drive further shortens the cooling time and offers the possibility of sterilization in the steam/air mixture.
  • Exhaust air filter with condensate inactivation for the sterilization of infectious materials of risk class S2 and S3. Filter retention rate: > 99.5% 0.02µm
  • Vacuum pump set, to safely evacuate air from the sterilized items using a single-stage or fractionated pre-vacuum. Enables the sterilized material to be removed when dry at the end of the process.
  • 2-channel text printer for documenting the sterile process on normal paper.
  • USB stick for storage of up to 1000 batches. The data can be read on a PC for evaluation.
  • “HotLink” documentation software for direct documentation of the sterile process on a PC. Communication takes place via an RS232 and optionally via an Ethernet interface.