ZIRBUS technology. About us

With more than 25 years of experience, we are one of the leading producers of customized autoclaves, sterilizers and freeze-drying installations world wide. For more than 23 years we have been handcrafting the devices ourselves and have developed a know-how which allows us to conceive globally unique solutions.

Through knowledge from various fields we can offer solutions that are going to convince our customers. Even though there are no obvious relations between biotechnology and material research, pharmacy production and document reconditioning (paper drying), quality maintenance in the food industry and process optimisation in the car industry, the work in all those field helps to manufacture ideal products. We have not been producing our devices in the same way for more than 25 years, our products are permanently optimised. Construction and development take place closely together with the customer and result in the highest satisfaction of the customer and a high technological level.

Zirbus technology trades under the name Zirbus technology GmbH. GmbH stands for society with limited liability, a German legal company form similar to the english Ltd. (company with limited liability). For further information, see Wikipedia.


Foundation of the ZIRBUS Labor- und Krankenhaustechnik (ZIRBUS Laboratory and Hospital Technology) in Osteroder/Harz Mountains

Focus: distribution of laboratory devices


Production of autoclaves and sterilizers starts with 10 employees.

The company name is ZIRBUS Apparatebau (ZIRBUS Device Construction)


Incorporation of the Herzberger Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Herzberg Machine Construction Ltd.), formerly known as W.L. Meyer. The names changes to Zirbus Apparate- und Maschinenbau GmbH (ZIRBUS Device and Machine Construction)


Relocation of the company to the former mining site "Hilfe Gottes" with a production area of 3000 sqm.

Production of sterilization and freeze-drying installations as well as ceramic presses.


Name changes to ZIRBUS technology GmbH (Ltd.)


Number of employees: 30


First certificate of the Technical Inspection Authority.


Today the ZIRBUS Technology GmbH has got more than 50 employees; the export rate is 50 %.

We develop and produce devices and installations for the entire field of medicine and biotechnology as well as for food production and pharmacy.