Freeze drying plants for production

From this size upwards, we manufacture specifically according to your requirements in terms of footprint size, quantity, performance and layout. Areas of application are the pharmaceutical industry, life sciences and biotechnology. Together with you, we develop a system perfectly tailored to your needs.

Total area 1…60m²
Capacitors 30…1.200kg
Temperature ranges Footprint -40…+60°C (optional -55…+60°C)
Condenser -50°C (optionally -75°C)


More options:
Special floor space packages with different number and spacing
Vacuum control
Capacitive vacuum sensor
Oil-sealed or oil-free vacuum pumps
Pharma GMP execution including documentation (IQ,OQ)
Cleaning (CIP), Sterilization (SIP) Steam or VHP
Insulator connection *Wall mounting
Process visualization 21CFRpart11
Product trays
Pizza door

Superlative freeze dryer

huge freeze dryer
Large freeze dryer in 2-chamber system for the production of probiotics
  • Capacity up to 1.000kg per batch with ice absorption up to 850kg
  • floor space: 56m²
  • 8 two-stage reciprocating compressors with 175kW
  • Oil-free vacuum pumping station with 1200m³/h suction capacity, final vacuum of the entire plant <0.05mbar
  • Total weight: 24 tons


total height 4,50m