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Centrifugal dryer

Compact vacuum dryer with integrated solvent condenser for concentrating and drying liquid products/solvents.

Our centrifugal dryers of the ZT series are available in 2 basic versions. They can be loaded horizontally or vertically. Various nacelles can be suspended in the suspension of the rotor. Thus it is possible to load different containers, sometimes on several levels.

Technical data ZT-H6 ZT-V12
Number of gondolas 6 pce 12 pce
Dimensions of the gondolas 160 x 280mm 130 x 90mm
Capacitance Capacitor 15 kg 15 kg
Ice condenser temperature -45 or -75°C -45 or -75°C

Features of the centrifugal dryers ZT:

Chamber completely heated, product heating directly via IR-heater
Double stock motor for max. loading capacity
condenser -75, by a 2-stage refrigeration compressor
Suitable for various solvents and drying containers (e.g. Deepwell, Micro- Titer, Gilsonracks)
Solvent resistant DMSO, acetonitrile, formic acid
HPLC applications
Materials 316TI stainless steel, 316L
Solvent Capacitors
Infrared heating system
Process visualization
Various product racks, ASV-Mikrotitter-Deepwell-Gislon-Knaur etc.
Ex-protection version
GMP compliant design
Documentation / Qualification


Model series centrifugal dryer ZT-H6

width : 1400 mm
depth : 1100 mm
height : 1900 mm
Weight : approx. 800 kg

Für 6 Regale a 280x160mm
Horizontal chamber, front loading.
In the rotor are 6 infrared radiators positioned, which radiate directly on the surface of the liquid.
The emitters are temperature controlled. Heat output 6 x 250 W

Model series centrifugal dryer ZT-V12


width : 1500 mm
depth : 950 mm
height : 1188 mm
weight: 500kg
Type: swing-out rotor, 2 levels
Number of seats/gondolas: 12
Basic size of the racks: 130mm x 90mm
base speed: max 220rpm
G-number: max 6 G