Demonstration and exhibition equipment from ZIRBUS

Autoclaves and freeze dryers for immediate sale as demonstration and exhibition units

Freeze dryer, lyophilizer for up to 50kg prefroozen Cannabis bulbs/flowers

Key data:
9 radiation shelves with 90 mm distance
condenser -45 °C and 100 kg capacity
low vacuum <0.1mbar
terpene recovery by smooth defrost of the condenser
automatic programs for different products
batch documentation
complete stainless steel
tray size 800x400mm, 27 trays
with PLC, HMI, vacuum pump and cooling compressor
ready to operate
short drying times, less 24hours

Available immediately!


Production freeze dryer Sublimator 40 SIP/CIP

Key data:
ice absorption: 30 kg/24h / (-75 °C)
floor space: 2,36 m²
Footprint distance: 67 mm
Closure device included
Suitable for wall mounting
GMP compliant
Water-cooled cooling system
SIP – Sterilization in place option
CIP Cleanin in place option
Visualization software Drycontrol SCADA

Available immediately!



The legal warranty applies to all autoclaves and freeze dryers. Worldwide shipping or delivery from Bad Grund/Harz.