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Freeze dryer for drying food | Sublimator EKS-R

Use of GN containers or aluminum bakery trays

Freeze dryers of this series are designed for drying bulk materials. Often food products such as fruits, berries and truffles, as well as herbs and cannabis are dried with these freeze dryers. In addition, these units are used in the production of animal feed. The units have an ice capacity of up to 1,200 kg and, depending on the unit/design, a footprint of up to 90 m². The “R” of the EKS-R series stands for “Radiation”. This means that the shelves are heated via radiant heat from the water-flooded shelves. This is why we speak of radiation drying. The suspended drying trays have no direct contact. This arrangement ensures uniform temperature distribution and drying in the product. In addition, drying is comparatively fast due to the larger surface area of the bulk materials.

Overview of standard units from 1 to 44 m² footprint;
Loading capacity 15-500 kg

Sublimator EKS-R 10 30 50 100 150 300
Surface area in [m²] 1,4 3,5 8,3 15,8 24 44
Ice condenser capacity in [kg] 15 45 75 150 200 500
Temperatures Ice condenser -45 °C
Shelf space up to 110 °C

Freeze Dryer Sublimator 10 EKS-R

Freeze Dryer Sublimator 1.000 EKS-R