Freeze dryer for the drying of food | Sublimator EKS-R

using GN containers or aluminum baking trays

Freeze dryers of this series are designed for the drying of food. The units have an ice capacity of up to 1.200kg and depending on the unit/design a footprint of up to 90m². The “R” of the EKS-R series stands for “radiation”. This means that the footprints are heated by radiation heat from the water-flooded footprints. The suspended GN drying trays have no direct contact. This arrangement achieves an even temperature distribution and drying in the product.

Overview table

Sublimator EKS-R 10 30 50 100 150 300
Utility space [m²] 1,4 3,5 8,3 15,8 24 44
Ice condenser capacity [kg] 15 45 75 150 200 500
Temperatures Ice condenser down to -45°C
Utility space up to +110°C
Further, we offer customer-made lyophilizer up to 90m².


Freeze Dryer Sublimator 10 EKS-R

Freeze Dryer Sublimator 50 EKS-R

Freeze Dryer Sublimator 1,000 EKS-R