Freeze dryers and lyophilizers for your production

Single chamber systems for efficient and cost-effective freeze drying


  • Round and rectangular drying chambers up to 5m³ volume
  • Two-chamber systems with separating valve
  • Folding and sliding doors
  • Flexible floor space sizes and distances up to 90m²
  • Materials 316TI stainless steel, 316L
  • Compressor and/or N2 liquid cooling down to -150°C
  • Ice capacitors up to 800kg/24h, solvent capacitors
  • Steam sterilization SIP
  • Automatic cleaning CIP
  • Sampling Locks
  • Process visualization
  • Closing device for vials
    Product trays
  • Ex- Protection Version
  • GMP compliant design, pharmaceutical sector
  • Documentation / Qualification

Sublimator EKS I/II Series – The entry into freeze drying

Freeze dryer EKS 150 with 10+1 shelves

1-15m² floor space, 10-180l loading capacity

  • Single chamber system, ice condenser behind the shelves
  • Liquid-temperature controlled footprint, freezing and drying
  • Industrial control with color touch panel
  • 20 freely programmable drying recipes
  • Standard vacuum control
  • Completely made of stainless steel
Model EKS 10 EKS 30-3 EKS 50-5 EKS 100-10 EKS 150-15
Drying chamber (mm) Ø600 x 1400 Ø800 x 1700 Ø1000 x 1800 Ø1200 x 2000 Ø1400 x 2200
Footprint size (mm) 320×650 420×900 600×950 800×1150 1000×1500
distance (mm) 50
Floor space Quantity 5+1 8+1 9+1 11+1 10+1
Total floor space (m²) 1,04 3,02 5,13 10,12 15,0
Footprints Temperature Version I -40…+60°C | Version II -55…+60°C
Capacitor Capacity 10kg/24h 15kg total 30kg/24h 40kg total 50kg/24h 60kg total 100kg/24h 120kg total 150kg/24h 180kg total
Capacitor Temperature Version I -50°C | Version II -75°C
Dimensions in mm L1500 x W1000  H1850 L1750 x W1300  H1850 L1900 x W1500  H1950 L2200 x W1700  H2050 L2500 x W1900 H2150
power consumption 24h 50KWh 100KWh 180KWh 320KWh 420KWh
  • Water-cooled refrigeration system
  • Hygiene Design Internal surfaces Ra<0.8µm, e-polished
  • Product trays
  • Oil-free vacuum pumps
  • Stainless steel housing or wall mounting version