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Single chamber systems for efficient and cost-effective freeze drying

Sublimator EKS series – The professional entry into freeze drying. The single-chamber freeze dryers of this series are particularly suitable for drying liquids, such as milk, collagen gel or similar. The ice condenser is located directly behind the shelves in the same chamber and is perfectly matched in terms of shelf size. The trays are placed directly on the footprint for drying. The thermal energy is transferred via direct “contact”. This is why it is called contact drying. The special feature of these shelves is that a brine oil flows through them for temperature control. In addition to particularly precise control, this also permits freezing and heating of the footprint. In this way, complex temperature protocols can be defined and reproducibly run. In addition to the standard freeze dryers listed below, we have already realized other special sizes. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Overview of standard units from 1 to 15 m² footprint; 10-150l loading capacity.

Model 10 EKS 30 EKS 50 EKS 100 EKS 150 EKS
Drying chamber (mm) Ø600 x 1400 Ø800 x 1700 Ø1000 x 1800 Ø1200 x 2000 Ø1400 x 2200
Shelf space size (mm) 320×650 420×900 600×950 800×1150 1000×1500
Distance(mm) 50
Shelf space quantity 5+1 8+1 8+1 11+1 10+1
Shelf space total (m²) 1,04 3,02 5,13 10,12 15,0
Shelf temperature Version I -40…+60 °C | Version II -55…+60 °C
Capacitor capacity 10 kg/24h 15 kg total 30 kg/24h 40 kg total 50 kg/24h 60 kg total 100 kg/24h 120 kg total 150 kg/24h 180 kg total
Condenser temperature Version I -50 °C | Version II -75 °C
Dimensions in mm L1500 x W1000 H1850 L1750 x W1300 H1850 L1900 x W1500 H1950 L2200 x W1700 H2050 L2500 x W1900 H2150

Features / options of this series:

  • Single chamber system, ice condenser behind the shelves
  • Liquid temperature controlled shelves, freezing and drying
  • Industrial control with color touch panel
  • 20 freely programmable drying recipes
  • Vacuum control as standard
  • Cleaning in place Option (CIP)
  • inline H2O2 sterilization optionally possible
  • Completely stainless steel
  • optional water cooled refrigeration system
  • hygiene Design: Design Internal surfaces Ra<0.8 µm e-polished
  • oil-free and oil-sealed vacuum pumps available.
  • Stainless steel housing or wall-mounted version

Special design as two-chamber system “DKS

For special applications, it may be advantageous to be able to perform a pressure rise test. For this purpose, the ice condenser must be mechanically separated from the drying chamber in order to briefly interrupt the freeze drying process. This is done with a separating valve between the freeze drying chamber and the ice condenser. As soon as this valve is closed, the pressure rise in the drying chamber can be measured. The pressure rise in the drying chamber can be used to determine the extent to which drying has been completed. The parameters can be set in the operating menu. The process is fully automatic. This special version of the freeze dryer is available from the Sublimator 100 upwards and is then called, for example, Sublimator 100 DKS.

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