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The first of 4 freeze dryers “Sublimator 500-22

We are currently building four large plants for a customer in Italy.

The first of 4 freeze dryers “Sublimator 500-22” is almost completed and about to be commissioned.

This plant will be used for the production of basic pharmaceutical ingredients.

Technical highlights of this plant:

  • Ice condensor capacity 500kg/24h and 22m² shelf area
  • Two chamber system with drying chamber separated from the ice condenser
  • Pizza door, very often used in the pharmaceutical sector for the production of ingrediens
  • Moveable shelf package, height adjustable for automatic loading and unloading
  • Sterilization in place system (SIP) for chamber and condenser
  • Cleaning in place system (CIP) for intensive cleaning of the chamber
  • Meets the pharmaceutical standards and requirements

The company Lyo Tech Italia Srl is our official partner. They support us with the acceptance of the plant in our factory in Bad Grund.

We say ThankYou for the successful and great cooperation.