Information material about autoclaves and freeze dryers

Titel Date File type Language Size
Laboratory autoclaves
25-200 liter chamber volume in round and square design. As table, vertical or standing device.
April 2020 PDF english 1835kb
Horizontal stand-alone autoclaves
134 – 1033 liters chamber volume. Square chambers for optimal utilization. Also available as pass-through versions.
April 2020 PDF english 1901kb
Laboratory Freeze Dryer
laboratory equipment from 2 – 15 kg ice condenser capacity
April 2020 PDF english 805kb
Freeze Dryer 10-EKS
Single chamber system. Simple, productive and cost-effective – 15kg ice condenser capacity
Oktober 2018 PDF english 500kb
Autoclaves and freeze dryers – Overview
complete offer from laboratory table-top autoclave to production equipment from sterilization and freeze-drying
Januar 2020 PDF english 1,965kb